Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS)


An EPRS is a well prepared plan to repair a pipeline and to restore it to original or required (design) conditions. It is based on risks and failure modes and associated damage categories matched to specific local context/conditions. The purpose of having such a plan is to reduce downtime and mitigate potential harm to people, environment, asset, production and the company’s reputation.

In IRM’s philosophy, as adopted by our foremost clients, an EPRS covers all steps from event until recommissioning of the pipeline including all challenging aspects of Decommissioning, Isolation and Recommissioning (DIR).

Some Key Questions that can tell whether your EPRS is complete:

Is your EPRS asset specific? *
Does your current EPRS describe all the necessary steps from moment of incident up to the moment of re-commissioning to original operating pressure? *
Have the various potential failure modes been recognised and assessed and have repair scenarios been defined? *
Have all aspects of the contingency plan been assessed and in particular their impact on the critical path of a pipeline repair? *
Has a distinction been made between deep water and near shore damages and risks and has an according repair options matrix been drafted? *
And have suitable resources been identified and somehow secured? *
Have intervention methods been determined and have they been incorporated in your Operational Procedures? *
Has a vendor / supplier selection and assessment been carried out? *
Has a thorough Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) been performed? *
Have your underwriters acknowledged that there is an auditable contingency plan in place? *
Do you think developing or optimising a full EPRS is costly? *

If one or more of the above questions cannot be answered, then the current contingency plan in place is likely to be incomplete. During a repair campaign this will lead to unnecessary costs and extended downtime.

Do you wish to know if your EPRS could be further optimised? Please fill out the EPRS Questionnaire and return to us via info@irm-sys.com.