IRM Systems is on the constant lookout for permanent and short-term engineering and project management talent to join our team – dedicated people who share our values, the passion for the work we do, and the vision we hold for our company. Opportunities exist at our headquarters in the Netherlands or on deployments to one of our projects, globally.

In joining us, you will gain experience working on a broad set of projects for some of the world’s most important oil and gas companies – an unusual level of exposure for a firm of our size. Depending on your experience and your ambitions, you could be supervising a complex repair project in one month, to supporting a team working on the acquisition of a company in another.

All of our personnel must have excellent people skills, sufficient self-confidence, and clear communications ability, and you will develop these skills further while on the job. This is what allows us to gain the trust of the stakeholders we work with, allows us to operate safely, efficiently, and deliver more value than expected.

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