Optimisation of an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) for a Gas-to-Power Project

Offshore Palawan, Philippines


The Malampaya deep-water gas-to-power project supplies the Philippines with up to 20% of its electricity. A shallow-water production platform processes the gas, before exporting it through a 504-kilometre underwater pipeline to a gas plant onshore, and sends condensate through a 3-kilometre line to a nearby CALM loading buoy. An EPRS was still required for the whole pipeline system, and in 2016 IRM Systems provided pipeline services to the project.


The EPRS had to be created from scratch, and with a number of requirements. Rather than investing in repair equipment, the client needed to focus on developing their procedures and engineering of consumables to ensure that the critical pipeline system could be repaired as quickly as possible. IRM Systems were able to adapt their skillset to working within these requirements, and presented the most appropriate pipeline repair options in the EPRS.


The EPRS is our core business. This project was the biggest and longest to date, in terms of scale, depth and engineering resources. There were many variables, and our approach had to be as open as possible.

Thanks to our expertise we were able to provide the client with the best repair options available, according to their unique conditions.