Lifetime Extension (LTE) Study for an Onshore Pipeline System

The Netherlands


OCAP are a Dutch company specialising in carbon capture. They collect the emissions from Dutch oil refineries and provide the CO2 to greenhouses in the Western part of the Netherlands. The project began in 2009, and in 2016 the pipelines needed a LTE to ensure their integrity for the coming years. IRM Systems performed pipeline inspection services, conducted reporting on the inspection data, and ultimately provide the LTE.


The pipelines used by OPAC were initially designed to carry crude oil. As the overall project manager, IRM Systems interfaced with pipeline service vendors to ensure that the data captured was accurate and tailored to the unique circumstances. Thanks to the adaptability of IRM System’s expertise, the non-standard pipeline was proved to be fit-for-purpose, and the LTE was guaranteed for up to 10 years.


We at IRM Systems do not have the inspection equipment ourselves. We helped the client select the best tool, we helped them manage it, we interfaced with the service providers, and ultimately we provided them with the report and the lifetime extension.

Because of our flexibility, we could assess the non-standard data provided and use our team to provide an expert judgement.