Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) for a shallow-water pipelines

Sakhalin, Russia


Sakhalin-2 is an oil and gas project on Sakhalin Island, Russia. Operated by Sakhalin Energy Investment Corporation, assets comprise some 1600 km of onshore pipelines and 275 km of offshore pipelines. One the world’s largest integrated oil and gas projects, petroleum from the Piltun-Astokhskoye field, and natural gas from the Lunskoye field, are transported to an oil export terminal in the south of the island. As an expert pipeline services contractor, IRM Systems provided the operator with an EPRS design and manual.


The main challenge in Sakhalin is the geography. Temperatures as cold as -54°C have been recorded in the depths of a long winter season. The combination of shallow-water pipelines and buried pipelines are therefore greatly affected by ice issues, which also obstruct access. Divers may not work under ice, and so pipeline repair strategies had to include use of an ROV in shallow water. Ultimately, the operator invested in the recommended equipment according to the pipeline repair methods and procedures outlined in the EPRS.


Our focus at IRM Systems is on independence. With flexibility we can adapt to challenging circumstances and non-standard pipelines, in non-standard contexts such as ice, shallow water, and many other complications.