Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) for Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Pipelines in Qatar


Qatar’s North Field is the site of Dolphin Energy’s major project. The U.A.E.-based company produces and processes gas here, before transporting it back to the U.A.E., and to Oman. A pipeline system was installed to transport water for processing purposes, and was made of GRP. Though GRP pipelines do not corrode like steel pipelines, they experienced degradation due to the unique topography of the desert landscape. When in 2015 these pipelines showed signs of leakage, IRM Systems used their pipeline integrity services – using their unique PIMS software – to ensure this did not happen again.


The desert landscape is constantly moving. Though two pipelines in this system were fully buried, and others partly buried, the shifting sand dunes had exposed unexpected areas of pipeline. IRM Systems analysed the available geographic technologies for anticipating movement of sand, and presented each to the client along with tailored evaluations. Another challenge was to prove the integrity of the GRP pipelines themselves. IRM Systems provided analysis on the most suitable approach for inspection, and collected all the relevant data for an in-depth PIMS created to suit the client’s needs.


This is typically the type of work we do. We assess what your options are, what the pros and the cons are. Because we are technology independent we can basically do a scan, how could you fix something? What would you need to fix something? What is available in the wider marketplace? What are the costs of any alternatives? What are the installation issues? Ultimately we land on a decision that is the best possible way to go ahead.