Development of an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) for Deepwater Offshore Pipelines Systems

offshore sabah, malaysia


The Kikeh field, operated by the Murphy Oil Corporation and in production by 2007, was the first deep-water development in Malaysia. In 2012 Shell began producing oil from the nearby Gumusut-Kakap field, and subsequently installed a floating production facility in 2014. The 19 wells of the Gumusut-Kakap field contribute up to 25% of Malaysia’s oil production. In 2015 IRM Systems provided pipeline services to design and develop an EPRS for Petronas, who own the pipelines of the two oil fields.


The flowlines in question were cladded. Though these protect against corrosion, they are very difficult to repair. IRM Systems’ main challenge was to search the market for appropriate equipment, and evaluate methods in order to make a repair. The scope of the EPRS included technical specifications of equipment and consumables, a procurement strategy – since much of the desired equipment was long lead – and also collaboration between the three companies involved.


It’s very, very difficult to repair cladded pipelines. This was a non-standard issue. Because we are technology independence, our flexible approach means we find the best available equipment and methods in order to perform a pipeline repair. We make our own recommendation, and then present this alongside all other options to the client.

We work at the right hand of the client, and ensure they make the best decision possible.