In a proper asset design all aspects of Inspection, Repair & Maintenance have been taken into account in order to optimise future operations for the operator in terms of safety, reliability and cost.

Often these aspects have not been properly considered due to which standard IRM solutions are inadequate or even impossible to use. Being independent from equipment- or technology providers and based on our extensive hands-on field experience, IRM Systems has proven its added value by providing solutions for any situation, especially when others give up. Depending on the situation retrofit modifications can be designed, approved and applied.  

Smart thinking out of the box, saving money.



Permanent Repair to a Live Subsea Pipeline

Java Sea, Indonesia

The state-owned PGN (Perusahaan Gas Negara) supplies over 80 million customers with gas in Indonesia. One of their major offshore pipelines – transporting gas to Jakarta – showed signs of leakage during an inspection in 2013, and it was temporarily fixed with a clamp. A permanent repair was still required for this critical pipeline. In 2014, jointly with a renown Dutch professional diving firm, IRM Systems developed a suitable repair methodology and executed the permanent repair. Read more.


Inspection of a Non-Piggable Condensate Pipeline

Offshore Palawan, Philippines

The Malampaya deep-water gas-to-power project supplies the Philippines with up to 20% of its electricity. A shallow-water production platform processes the gas, before exporting it through a 504-kilometre offshore pipeline to a gas plant, and sends condensate through a 3-kilometre CEP line to a nearby CALM loading buoy. The CEP line had not been inspected since installation in 2001, and was required in 2014 as part of a pipeline integrity management plan. IRM Systems provided IRM services in the same year to the client. Read more.


Hands-on Repair to an Offshore Outfall Pipeline

Bellanaboy Bridge Gas Terminal, Ireland

The Corrib natural gas fields are of vital importance to Ireland. The project came online in 2015, and has the potential to meet up to 60% of the country’s natural gas requirements. The Bellanaboy Bridge Gas Terminal – nine kilometres inland – processes gas from offshore wells, before flowing into the Bord Gáis Eireann national grid. A water outfall pipeline was constructed on site to discharge rainwater safely offshore. In 2016, pipelines inspections showed signs of leakage. IRM Systems provided services in order to evaluate repair strategies, fix the tears, and secure the pipeline’s integrity. Read more.